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In the middle of my search like i said I did switch from full ddr to a czech mix.
So when she went to ask what i asked them what i was looking for the initial breeders had mentioned DDr only.This I'm sure made it appear of myself being dishonest on what i was looking for( I'm subject to change my preference as i gather info correct?)THe breeder i had initially contacted helped me figure out i wasn't a fan of the blocky heads and probably wouldn't be a good fit for me. I decided i wanted a czech mix and stated it in an email however the same breeder thought i still wanted DDR, therefore it seems liked she just wanted to get the sale or what have you, least on my end through email.
I mentioned this to the breeder who got mad at me and i think thats what added to the disagreement, apparently she did not like that I described that I was being "pushed" to get a certain dog and being that they are great friends caused. Long story short she felt i had described her colleagues in a negative light.
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