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Default VHA Directive 2011-013 ... VHA Property

In the news we are again hearing about Vets protesting that their dogs are not allowed in VA Hospitals so they can further train their dogs. They claim their rights under the ADA / DOJ are being violated.

Wrong on two counts --
1) The ADA does not address SDITs only trained SDs.
2) The ADA is not the correct law to go to for handler Access Rights onto VA property.

The correct place to go for Access Rights onto VA Property or into VA Hospitals is VHA Directive 2011-013.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Health Administration
Washington, DC 20420

Effective March 10, 2011 Expires March 31, 2016


1. PURPOSE: This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Directive establishes policy regarding Veterans and members of the public who enter VHA facilities and properties accompanied by guide dogs (also known as seeing-eye dogs) and other service dogs.
NOTE: This Directive only addresses guide dogs and other service dogs accessing VHA facilities and properties when
acting in their capacity as a service animal performing guide and service duties for a disabled individual.

a. Trained guide dogs and other trained service dogs can have a significant role in maintaining functionality and promoting maximal independence of individuals with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities are authorized to enter VHA facilities and property accompanied by their trained guide dog or trained service dog consistent with the same terms and conditions, and subject to the same regulations that govern the admission of the general public to the property.
b. Therapy animals, companion animals, emotional support animals, and pets are not considered service animals, and their access to VHA facilities and properties are not covered by this Directive.

Under Definitions is this statement: "This does not include service dogs in training."

To read in full go to
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