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Black Listed To Buy?

So about a month ago i decided I wanted a Working line Puppy, I did the logical thing and read a bit on the forums and mass emailed different recommended breeders. All was going well everyone was super friendly and very willing to help out. I started my search with DDR dogs only untill i realized thats not what i was looking for in terms of aesthetics and drive. After further inquires i narrowed it down to the mix of DDr/Czech as it provided what I think I'm looking for and the general consensus on here was that its the best of both worlds.

Fast forward a little bit and i shrug a breeder the wrong way and goes absolutely 360 emails all her breeder colleagues asks them if i inquired to them about pups. These breeders acknowledged that i have and somehow informs them that we had a falling out and that i should not be trusted or what have you long story short all breeders stop responding.

i do admit i was looking for long coat and pretty adamant on looking for one with a certain set of aesthetics. I figure if the dog comes from good lineages, temp and drive are all going to be of high prestige therefore i am allowed to have a certain set of aesthtic choices? I mean its 15 year investment of time an money might as well get what you want correct? But guess she took it the wrong way.

Anyone want to chime on how i could avoided this fiasco? and if i was in the wrong for being like most a uninformed consumer.
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