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5 month old barking "aggressively" at strangers?

My 5 month old has recently started barking quite aggressively at strangers, especially those entering the home. She has always had a nervous temperament too her since we brought her home, which has gotten better then it was the more we've brought her out, but I just don't know how to handle this one.

When outside the house, she definitely has some fear elements that stick out to me as she's barking, her hackles are up and her tail is tucked, she looks like a porcupine. If we're walking downtown or walking through groups of people, she tends to do ok, but if we're walking in the woods, or alone down the street and one person comes up, she gets all weird about it. She will react when in a group of people if they pay any attention to her, but then it's normally mild and a firm no and sit tends to settle her right back down.

Inside the house is another story. She seems to have more security and thus more confidence and of course most of the people coming into the house get scared from her barking, which only reinforces her barking. We've been putting her on a lead when people come in and that does settle her quite a bit. Do I just keep bringing her out and working with her around people, continue to to do obedience and the like? How would I go about teaching her to just completely ignore people?

Oh, and when she's with another dog, none of these problems really show up... she might woof lowly once, but one "No, let's go" and she's over it and back to doing what she was doing before hand. Is this a confidence issue when she's alone? How would I go about building her up?
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