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Losing fur - but it's not mange. Help!

Has anyone had this experience?

My 7 month old male has several small patches of fur loss. Started around his eyes, nose and mouth. Then we noticed a few tiny patches on each of his legs. Sounds just like Demodex, right? Vet thought so also, but he's had 4 negative skin scrapings on two different occasions.

Vet says she is surprised that she can't find the mites so she thinks it may be some type of skin infection HOWEVER even that is puzzling to her because skin infections are usually itchy and smelly. He does not itch nor smell.

So we decided to treat him with antibiotics and weekly shampoos with an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoo. If it does not clear up we'll need to get more testing done and possibly see a vet dermatologist.

As a side note which may or may not be related, when he was 12 weeks old he developed a rash on his belly which went away after some antibiotics. Then when he was 4 months old he had a yeast infection on his belly which cleared up with the medicated shampoo.
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