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Possible Allergies, Where to Go from Here?

Starting about a week ago my girl started licking and chewing at her two front paws, I didn’t think much of it until a couple of days later when she started to limp and the biting got worse. I took her to the vet and the doctor said she probably has allergies and gave me a steroid (Temaril-p) and an anti-biotic (Cephalexin) to give her for 2 weeks. Her two back legs are fine.

We’ve also had other issues with her itching…

First, her ears usually get very itchy, especially during the spring and fall. This spring she has been itching at her left ear for almost two months now. I use ear-cleaning solution, but the itchiness always comes back.

Secondly, last summer she ended up with a rash on her stomach, then in the fall she had a rash in one armpit and two of her nipples were swollen (probably from scratching). I thought these problems were from her playing in water and not getting dried off right away.

She has been eating the same food (Life’s Abundance) for about a year now and I give her the same types/brand of treats. She had itchy ears before and after starting this food. Nothing new has been introduced into her diet in the last month that would suddenly make her itch her paws. She has been playing on a lawn that was fertilized about 2 weeks before her feet started to itch.

The doctor suggested we change to a completely different food and cut out any food/treats that she has been eating. I started comparing her current food with limited ingredient foods and it seem impossible to find a dry food that doesn’t share any of the same ingredients. Mainly the vitamins and minerals are the same between brands.

Has anyone dealt with similar problems before? How did you go about narrowing down what could be the culprit?
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