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Transitioning outside

My gsd male pup is going to be 12 weeks on saturday and will be getting his second injection.

Currently, he sleeps inside the house and does his business and play outside. He loves our garden! Of course my family and i wanted to keep him secure at home when he first came and was only 9weeks, but we want him to get used to being an outside dog.

Has anyone moved their dog to live outside, if so, how did you do it? I would like to make it a nice experience and not make him too upset.

Is 12 weeks still too young, or perfect time to do it? I know that when we are at home, he will most prob come and go inside as he is well behaved. It's mostly going to be to sleep at night and really to set a boundary for when were having dinner, have important things to do and go up to sleep.

All suggestions are welcome!
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