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Default Flyball tournament with Halo - video!

Halo and I were at a flyball tournament last weekend with our team Marin Running Riot. We were racing 4 teams of dogs - Halo was on one, I was boxloading for another and box helper for the other two teams. Our flyball box is very heavy, so we always assign a helper to carry it in and out of the ring so the boxloader doesn't have to do it by themselves.

I was boxloading in race #1 on Saturday morning, and felt my back go bending down to load a ball during the warmup, before the race even started. I stuck out the race, but that was it, no more boxloading for me, I was done for the day! I was determined to race Halo if I could, so I gave it a try in race #3. It went okay, and I ended up racing her all day, a total of 25 heats.

Sunday morning I woke up very stiff and knew there was no way I'd be able to race her again. I sent a text to my teammate Mollie before I left for the tournament and she said she'd race Halo for me. We've never tried that before, not even at practice, and a tournament is not the best time to find out if your dog will run for someone else but we didn't really have a choice. As it turned out, Halo had no problem racing for Mollie, even with me right there. And the fun thing about a not great situation was that I got to watch my dog race, and also shoot some video. So here goes:

Mollie racing Halo in two heats

This is a slo-mo video of the dogs on the box, two heats for Halo's team Stray Dogs

And just for fun, I made a compilation video with one heat of each of our 4 teams. Halo is running second in the first clip.

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