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So yes. Okay to breed, but natural or immediate AI would be best. We like to see greater than 200 mil as a concentration, but I have seen worse than your dog and they breed fine. The 80% motility is a bit low, but not extremely. The 20% they don't talk about were probably dead or deformed. They likely did not explain that to you.

At 7, he is getting a bit older, and we generally see a decline in sperm as they age. So for his age, he is doing okay.

If you want to breed him, I would do it sooner rather than later. Or have it frozen and checked to see how it does post thaw. GSD are not renowned for great numbers post thaw, so it can increase the number if straws needed for a breeding dose.

If you have the option, live cover is your best bet, but it always is to be honest.

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