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Basics: we evaluate the sperm for concentration, the more the better.

Then they are evaluated for live vs dead, and primary and secondary defects, missing heads, double tails, fatty deposits on the tail, kinked tails? Double heads. We also look at motility. Are they moving in a forward direction? Are the moving backwards, in circles. Stuff like that.

We also evaluate how much ejaculate we get. Some dogs ejaculate, but not a sperm rich portion. So we need to figure out why are getting a lot if preejaculate but not a lot if sperm. Color is also looked at. Are we getting blood? Odd color?

Depending on the reason for collecting, we may freeze or extend the sperm and then recheck to make sure it's still viable. If frozen we calculate how many sperm pet straw and what is a breeding dose. Usually with large dogs 3-4 straws is a breeding dose.

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