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She's moving like a champ. Looking through her vet records shows that about 8 months ago, she was sitting and standing slowly and was showing mild instability in her rear when working. I'm not seeing any of it now.

She has been on Rimadyl for quite some time, so I took her off it. She is also on Gabapentin which I am leaving her on.

I feel that there will be a big difference now that she's not living in the kennels, on the concrete, spinning around all the time, on top of working. I'm going to get a ramp for the truck. I'm lifting her up and down for the time being.

She's also sleeping on a pad on a Kuranda or Tempurpedic now too.

Reading through her records was tough. 3 tail tip traumas before the amputation, she ripped the staples out 3 times, a right foreleg injury, 3 ear infections including a tympanic membrane rupture, 2 broken teeth, they did a gastropexy while she was down for the ear cleaning and the incision got infected, an ABX resistant staph infection on her chest from scratching when they took her off ZD... poor dog. This is all since she went back to the kennels after April 2012.

I'm glad she's home.

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