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Fama hips and spine

The hips are well seated, with greater than 50% coverage. There is thickening of the neck and flattening of the femoral head. What I would expect from a working dog after years of working.

There is arthritic bridging at LS. Again very common in working dogs and GSD in general. But I have seen much worse.

Of course I was trained to treat the dog not the X-rays. So watch how she moves and gets along.

With the LS, you may see problems posturing to defecate. That's where I saw it first with my girl. She became a poop walker, and did not fully posture as she got older. It can also make the slower to rise and cause soreness after strenuous activity.

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Edit to add: I also see the beginnings of arthritic change cranially in the lumbar vertebra, I think it's L3-L4. But I am not great at remembering how many lumbar vert there are. If you look at the vertebra towards the head that gets cut off in the X-ray, there are obvious protrusions on them. There are on all the seen vertebra, but much more pronounced in those.

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