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Glad Titan is doing well! I've never done nosework but it sounds like great fun.

Our last training was really great. We have mostly been going out to rural areas practicing quick live find scenarios. I've been handling one of the trailing dogs and am getting good feedback/compliments from the team. The Sil Sanders tracking sem really helped with line handling and I'm starting to be able to read this particular dog really well. We have TWO puppies on our team now so training sessions are full of cuteness. One of the dogs had a find in Oso, supposedly. I never heard the details and I wasn't there, but it sounds like the conditions were terrible.

I've slowed down training quite a bit since passing academy because I have sciatica. It took forever to get diagnosed and I was unable to go for walks for a while. I'm back on my feet conditioning and planning on a backpacking trip in June.

Oh! And I got in touch with a local breeder I really like and she's thinking of breeding her search dog in a few years, so that fits with my timeline perfectly. I didn't realize this but I've actually run into her at obedience trials before and was admiring her shepherds.
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