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Originally Posted by Airman1stclass View Post
If the answer is no, how hard is it to switch over to I guess personal protection. Are hidden sleeves ever used in IPO training and why can't you just mix the two (IPO/PP).
Almost none will. This is by design though. A bite anywhere but the sleeve can get you DQ'ed or banned. IPO dogs are strongly discouraged from ever biting anything but that jute sleeve, and even then a specific part of that sleeve only.

How hard is it to switch? Depends on the dog and your (helper and you) collective training abilities & equipment.

Most probably train only with the sleeves, jute pillows/wedges. Some (like myself) train with hidden sleeves... and suits, and muzzles, and no equipment (no bite obviously). I personally want personal protection dogs first and foremost, and IPO dogs as time, training, and opportunity allows. So, you can certainly mix the two with the right training and the right dog.

The above being said, I believe most IPO dogs unsuitable for personal protection work. Topic for another thread though lol

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