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How's training going?

Well hello SAR members Been on a break for a few months, getting my butt kicked in gear in other areas of my life (work, school, gym).. but I just wanted to see how all you guys are doing in training and/or live searches.

Nothing new here, still on break from SAR started school and started at a new gym here. Those are the newest additions to the life of Whitney. Titan has LOVED every minute of the last few months, he gets much more play time, and we actually do a lot more nose work too, which he loves. Any advice to keep him up on his nosework would be awesome, we trained live find/area for almost 2 years, so I am trying not to let that dwindle too much during our down time.

Anyways, I know a few just started out and a few have been here for a while. Just interested in what y'all are up to in your world with your pups. Hope everything is going well... looking forward to hearing from you all.


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