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Default Second Session in Protection; Vid

Janka and I carpooled with our trainer and another handler to San Diego over the weekend to train with another club.

This is her second time being worked in protection, and my first as a handler. She was tethered to a tree the first time, so I am still trying to find my immovable frame - all 4'11" of thunder and lightning - and looking far from graceful.

Any suggestions?

I am finding out as I go, that there are a lot of new skills to learn as a handler.

It takes some strength lifting your dog by her collar, then kicking the wedge back out while making sure she doesn't pull free and cause you to face plant. I also had rope burn from the nylon leash while deliberately letting her out. I got corrected for just letting all 6 feet of the leash go at once. Oops.

I think this was the second to last bite she got. She had a good time, and I picked up a lot of useful information from the TD and other members.

Gah. This is so fun! I thought tracking was addicting, but this is just bonkers mad fun!
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