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pedigree analysis

Hey all,
Long time lurker reporting in for some of your collective expertise. I'm doing some pedigree research and was hoping for some of y'all's input. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to help.

Dad's sire seems to have some well know ddr (sven/arko) but I can't turn up too much on the dam
Mom pedigree seems to have plenty of titles. Other than that the ancestors seem know but there is not detailed information that I have located.

Finally I'm hoping for a true gsd. Campaign guardian worker not overly soft or sharp. I am mostly worried about unstable characters in past. Parents seem to be what I'm looking for but in the end it is a gamble really with pups. I'm ready for a drivey
Pup but a low threshold for defensive drive/reactive default aggression is not what I'm after. Thanks for reading the wall of text here.
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