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Default First Dog Advice

I have had a dog as a pet througout my childhood and now that i'm older and out on my own i'm looking for advice on getting my first dog.

I plan on getting a german shepherd pup, there is a semi local breeder who also runs a training facility. A co-worker recommended him and his web site seems pretty good (not that a web site means much).

Anyway.. wondering a few things.
The breeder mentioned the dogs come with their first set of shots.

-Not sure what first set of shots include really, what can i expect upon my first vet visit (cost wise)? I know i'll have to set up a monthly flea cost, de-worm?, other shots?

-What should I ask / Look for when buying from a breeder?
should the pup come with papers or anything?

-Other initial costs?
I know i'll have to register the dog with the city
My brother has a large crate I'll be able to use for when the dog is a pup

Any other advice is appreciated, I orderd a couple books to read up before I actually purchase a dog.

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