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Um. well I certainly wouldn't FORCE the issue. How are you hugging him? And why is it necessary to begin with. I don't think it's really a dominance thing. I learned early on that Titan does not like to cuddle or snuggle. At all. He barely tolerates it now because he's 4 and knows sometimes I just wanna hug him. Otherwise, it's "get off me mom!" He just doesn't like it. He isn't dominant in that regard, very submissive to me, just doesn't liek snuggles.

You can't assume because your girl likes hug that your male will too. Every dog is different and some simply just don't like cuddling, hugging, snuggling. I personally think you should let that dream go and just accept it.

The only concerning factor would be the yelping or screaming when you do it. Have you had him since he was real little?

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