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Dog doesn't accept hugs? (5 months old)

rambo, our 5 month old male, on the right doesn't like hugs. julie the 1.5 year old female does. we can hug her, lay on her, whatever we want and she loves it. if we try to hug rambo he flips out. he screams like someone is killing him. wife and i are assuming it's a dominance issue, he does't like to be dominated. we are going to talk to our trainer about it during next class but our trainer isn't god and i would like some other opinions on the matter. we never lay on him hard or squeeze him hard.

wife and i are thinking just keep forcing it on him 'till he submits or realizes we are in charge, can do what we want to him and will never hurt him. i just tried to hive him a hug from behind and he wailed out. i think my nose is broken from his head. it made a loud crack noise and my whole face hurts. looks to be in regular position but i am hoping not to develop 2 black eyes.

what's the issue here?

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