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Always owned male dogs- getting a female GSD?

Hi there,

I am soon to be a first time GSD owner if everything works out as planned.

I have done a lot of reading on this forum about differences between male and female. I have always owned male dogs and they certainly fit the description of goofy, velcro dog etc- and I love that about them! I see females are more independent, not as affectionate, more standoffish as a general rule.

The breeder I am dealing with is great but she is suggesting a female dog would pair better with my other male dog (little pomeranian). If I am used to a male dog being your "shadow/velcro dog" do you think I may find a female dog to not be as good of a companion or maybe a little disappointing?

I know how dumb that sounds.. I am just a little bit iffy on making my final decision to get a female and I could use some advice/input from all of you experts out there!

Thank you!
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