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Lightbulb Too smart

I have a female German Shepard who is 2 yrs old now she has out smarted us on so many occassions I don't know what to do. First it was her crate she figure out how to get out of that. So we did everything from copper wiring to cable ties. Finally after I place both doors against the wall that stopped her. But then She was peeing in her crate even after we let her out prior to going to pick my kids up from school which is a total of 10 total mins from leaving house to pick and home . So we took the crate away because it was too hard with 2 young kids just getting home and then cleaning the crate and he dog. So she was good for a while then she was getting in the garbage when we left. So we started to put chairs I front of cabinet that held garbage. But she still got in it so now we just put it in another room. Now she has Ben getting in our freezer and eating raw deer steaks. And then getting sick on them and vomiting in places that are hard to find. So we resorted to a bundgie cord only fridge. So today she told us she was mad at us again and got into pantry and took cookies and chocolate powder for milk and ate those which are at least 4 few off the ground.

In my house we have me and my fiancé and our two kids 12 and 4 an two cats and iris our dog. We have mostly always been at home w the dog since we got her at 8 wks. The kids play w her we take her outside. But not as much as she needs. But she still is doing all of this to the house. I am concerned for her with eating all this bad food and also for the repairs on my house.. We r debating about going back to he crate. And we are getting outside kennel and also a gate for the stairs because she eats all the cat food and their poop.

I guess I asking for help of what to do.. She is so smart that she gets into trouble. I been thinking about getting a gate for the room her crate will be in to try to keep her to an area but she will out smart us on that too.
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