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Significant to me....

but perhaps not to others....

Today, I stopped by my parents house as they are preparing to sell their house of 50 plus years..and brought the pooch...she'll be 2 in a few months.

Anyway, my 86 year old mom who has not the mobility she once possessed and more importantly has a regard for dogs which was shaped at an early age as she was bitten by a large dog...which goes forward with a child for an eternity at times. Well, to make a long story short..which I am never capable of girl Kaia won my mom's heart over today, I do was something to witness and left nothing but a warm feeling in my heart...two winners...that's all I mom and my shepherd.

Sorry, if it sounds sappy but all the time and training I have willingly put in with my current gal...paid dividends today like I never expected. GSDs are incredibly smart and more so...perceptive.

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