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Hi there -

Just thought I'd reach out as I just had to let my first GSD, Eva, go on 4/30/14, and I see that 4/30 was the birthday of one of your girls. My Eva had Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency too. I got her to fatten up once, for about a month - she was very vain, I used to tell people, since she usually stayed around 60-65lb (bit too skinny on her frame).

Anyway, what a wonderful legacy Molly left -- you seem like a wonderful owner and now who knows how many Shepherds will get to experience you as a guardian, and how many of your (surely) responsible, caring friends will see your GSDs and choose one for themselves. She touched your lives -- as you so aptly put it, she enriched them, and you went on to brighten and enrich other folks' lives as a result of that, too. Her presence rippled (and continues to ripple) out to affect many other beings, humans and dogs alike, and so you can know that in some ways, her spirit still lives on in this world.

Peace to you and yours. It's not easy. But then, that is a testament to the lives of these wonderful dogs - that their loss is so deeply felt.

Take care of yourself in the coming days. And as the good memories come, slowly, to your stunned and saddened mind, let them alleviate your tears and your sorrow - that's what Molly would want.

PS: You may want to ask a mod to move your post to the loving memory section (In Loving Memory - German Shepherd Dog Forums) since Molly has already passed.
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