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Default Molly ~ In Loving Memory

I had to make a difficult decision and let my 13 year old Molly go This afternoon. She's had DM for a couple of years now and the last few weeks she took a turn for the worse. This past weekend we decided it was time.

Yesterday we quietly celebrated her 13 birthday and spoiled her rotten. Our lives are so enriched because of her. We never expected her to live this long.

At 2 she started losing weight and the vet diagnosed she had exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. We've been giving her pills before every meal to help her digestion. She put some weight back but was always a little skinny.

At 6 she started limping. Her right ACL was torn, so she get TPLO surgery. She recovered nicely the 2 years later when she was 8, the left one went.

Through all that, she never once complained. She is our 1st GSD. We've brought 2 puppies home when she was 2 and at 11. Both GSD's of course. She was great little lady. Because of her, we will always have a German Shepherd's in our Home.
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