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Oh and I've been "criticized" for putting my dog in a "down" too much when I should be "letting him be free and sniff things." People are stupid, I now apparently carry myself with an air of, "don't touch my dog and don't let your dog touch my dog" because it rarely ever happens. Don't worry about what the "public" thinks. The "public" has proven itself to be pretty unreliable and stupid, imo lol. Personally I think an ecollar would be easier, more effective (perfect timing), and if properly fit (and a quality collar), would be preferable. The leash is long, lanky, hard to maneuver quickly, timing would be hard, and just doesn't seem as efficient to me considering all the other tools available. fwiw

"An excess of size is an unserviceable feature for breeding, his powers of endurance, his speed and the smartness of his movements suffer in all circumstances. Giants are never nimble."-Creator of GSD

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