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Question: Whip or Spanking

Hi I have a 5 year old shepherd name Cody. He as aggression towards New dogs but not all and will bark try to attack other dogs. I have been had 2 different trainers try to fix it with different collars and "nicer" methods other than whip or spanking. Well it didnt work so i went to a specialist in shepherds and protection training. He is actually my friend's recommendation whos a local law enforcement officer. I have a lot of respect and trust in this trainer as well but i want to ask if the corrections he is tell me common and ok to do in public. He says yes and there will be people with their opinions. I have to say it did work. and i have never seen Cody behave so well with another large dog. He has trained and sold dogs to the local law enforcement and upon the first day of training he had me take my dog around his dogs and see how i handled and basically said i was doing everything wrong and was treating him like a baby by having to command him to stop to many times like 20 times when i should only have to do it once. He said the correction that needed to happen was a whip on the rib area. He had me practice on a rice bag sack and then explained and told me when to use it to correct Cody which i have to say worked very well.

Background: ive tried positive re-enforcement, halti, choke chain, pinch collar, e-collar, etc.

Question: Do you guys whip the dog with the end of the leash?
Do you guys do it in public?
If so what do you say when people criticize you?

Thanks in advance for any input, im new at training and i have taken 2 courses and i am hoping to learn more about behavior and training. thanks again
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