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Can't figure out what's wrong with my dog

So my buds issues started about 2 months ago. He started breathing very heavy at night, had a constant runny nose, and developed a bump on his nose. He screams if you even slightly press on the bump.

In addition to the above, he has trouble maintaining weight (has been at 80 pounds for 3 months), shows pain in the jaw when yawning, and has reduced energy.

We took him to the vet last week which they tested him for any fungal infections while also taking blood from him. Everything came back negative. The only issue they saw was his potassium to sodium ratio being slightly off. We have another appointment set for Friday to check for Addison's disease which I read is extremely rare in young dogs so I'm not holding on for that diagnosis.

He is only one year old. All these issues are becoming very stressful for my wife and I. The only time he is normal is when he is on pain medication.

Can anyone think of any possible causes for the symptoms I have described? My vet likes when I throw out things from the internet just so they can be ruled out. Anything would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. I hope this guy gets better. He is too young to have the life he has had so far. Hoping for the best!

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