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Puppy socialization class gone wrong

I really need to vent this as I did on my Facebook.

Every Monday evening I take my now 5 month old GSD to puppy socialization class and I have since she was 8 weeks old.

She has always loved the class and has a great time wrestling and playing with the other puppies.

So last night we went to the 6 pm class bc the past 2 weeks Lucie was the only one who showed to the 7pm class and the trainer told us to come at 6. So I got my kids and Lucie ready and off we went. Class was going on Lucie made friends with a pitbull and really wanted to play with the golden retriever.

This is when I should've realized there was a problem. The owner of the golden kept following behind Lucie when she would chase after him. Everytime Lucie would start to pull and wrestle with the golden the owner would collar Lucie and tell her to be nice. I had politely told the woman Lucie wasn't hurting her puppy they're just playing. But the Golden's owner continues her behavior everytime Lucie came near her puppy. Please know Lucie was in no way hurting her puppy as I would've stepped in if that was the case.

My son and I were filling water dishes for the dogs when I looked over and this woman had a hold of Lucie's collar again and her puppy was at her feet and she slapped my Lucie I asked her nicely not to slap my dog and before I could reach Lucie this woman slapped her a second time and I screamed at her for slapping Lucie. I yelled at the trainer that this woman had just slapped my dog and I was leaving. I was shaking from the anger I felt of this woman putting her hands on my Lucie girl.

I demanded the girls at the counter refund my money for the class and they did and apologized. One of them grabbed a supervisor and asked me to wait while they figured out what happened. When the supervisor came back she said the woman apologized and they advised her that they don't allow the abuse of animals. They actually told me I could go back to the class which I told them I wasn't subjecting Lucie to that ever again. That could've potentially given her a bad socialization experience. I was shocked that the woman who slapped Lucie wasn't asked to leave and it was us who left.

They claim they would have someone call me today to discuss what happened. But I feel there isn't much to discuss that woman should be banned for the mistreatment of Lucie. And someone should call the humane society as who knows what she does to her puppy. Was I wrong for losing my temper and screaming?? Should I even consider taking her back there??

I feel my actions were justified. As Lucie is one of my children not just some dog.

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