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Yes, she can be socialized, but her base genetic temperament will be what it is despite socialization (which absolutely does help, especially prior to a year of age). Make sure socialization is always positive, avoid negative situations, don't make a big deal over anything (especially if she is fearful) and expose her safely to the things that frighten her. It may even be worth it to find a professional behaviorist or trainer local to you that can teach you proper socialization techniques, how to respond to her fear/worry, etc.

Feeding her, playing with her, training her and creating balance and routine with her will all help you build a bond - these things happen over time, so don't stress too much.

To be it looks like her ears are going to stay down, but I don't know for sure and nobody can say for sure. The two GSDs I have owned ears went up very early and stayed up. You could try taping and providing bones and whatnot to chew on to strengthen the muscles of the jaw/head.

She is beautiful, would love to see more photos of her!
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