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Originally Posted by wyowolf View Post
OK I can understand that. there is another possibility but I really don't like this option, my son is being watched by some family friends during that time. He is 11. it is possible to take the pup there, but i worry about her getting used to the that house and not ours?

am i being silly?
Now that one is tricky. It will help with potty training and it would be beneficial for the puppy to get used to being at different houses, it will help later on if ever your puppy has to stay at a different place if you are on vacation or something.

At the same time though, I am picky with how my puppies are raised, treated and trained. If you are training one way and using postive methods and the person watching your puppy does things differently or has a more firm hand it can confuse the puppy.

So, that is up to you.

Are you able to go home at lunch time?


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