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New puppy with some decisions to make...

We are getting a female GSD puppy in early June after we return from Vac. The pup will be appx 11 weeks at that point.

Here is the dilemma, We both work full time but our hours are staggered so i work 6-2 and she works 9-5 so the time the puppy will be alone will be appx 6 hrs.

What would everyone recommend for this situation until the pup is a bit older? I know she cant hold her bladder that long yet.

I can put her in my unfinished basement or i can put her outside in a small kennel. We live sort of isolated so someone taking her would be unlikely. In either case she would be of course taken care of so as not to get hurt, ie puppy proofing.

just trying to decide which would be better in the long run as far as potty training goes.
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