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Question about crate training

Long story short, I work full time and am only able to get home to let my boy out once a day during my lunch. When I get home he is able to be outside for a solid 45 minutes. When I am gone he is crated for 4 hours at a time. Same deal at night, ~3.5 hours in the crate, I let him out, then back in the crate for ~3.5 hours.

He has a full size crate, and since he is only 8 (almost 9) weeks old, I know he cannot realistically hold his bladder for 4 hours at a time. So I set his bed up in one side of the crate, and put down puppy pads on the other side. At first this worked wonderfully, I would come home for lunch and see that he was sleeping on his bed and peeing once on the puppy pad. No problems, seemed to be working well, easy cleanup for me. BUT, recently he has started chewing on the pee pads. It still seems like he's peeing on them, but then he will pull them over to his bed and start shredding them up. In his crate I let him have two non destructible chew toys with no knobs on them.

So what can I do? I'm not sure how to handle this.

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