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7 months?

Who knows what happened to that stray between the time it ran away during fireworks and was picked up by this shelter. It may have been kept by a family with a big guy that was not so nice to it. Who knows.

I agree if it was afraid of the fireworks it is probably a submissive, fearful dog by nature. At first a lot of lip-licking and calming signals by the dog, and submissiveness. But watch farther, the dog seems to recognize him and get excited, the tail starts wagging, she has her paws on him, and she seems very happy to leave with him.

l do not think we have enough information in that clip, to know that the guy is abusive to the dog. In fact, he got the dog a chip, he registered it -- too many people forget this step, and he came to get her. That is ALL we know about the guy.

As for your dog tackling you after 7 months, how exactly do you know this? I have lost a dog for 19 days, and she barked and ran to me all excited, but had she been gone 7 months, had she been beaten, or shot at, or chased by kids with sticks, caught with a catch pole or a live trap, been adopted by another family because the shelter didn't bother to look for a chip, been terrorized for accidents or with harsh training, been dumped in the woods, and now she is found again, that many months later, who knows if she will go running up to a smell she kind of remembers.

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