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Canine Cruciate Ligament Surgery

What's the best surgery procedure for my dog's cruciate ligament injury?

I thought that I would share this for those interested. It was about a three or so year study with dogs from the public who came in and fell into a certain list of criteria. The type of surgery that they got was randomized (some got TPLOs and some got TTAs) and every one had an arthroscopic examination of their stifle. The owners had forms to fill out at certain intervals and they also dropped them off at certain times for radiographs and continued forceplating. The forceplate allows us to see exactly how much force the dog is placing on each paw when it walks and we can compare when they first come in (as we do it then) to how they recovered in time.

The project was presented at this year's ACVS meeting and it was the talk of the meeting. This will all be published (if it isn't already heading for that) soon, however it has definitely changed a good deal on what procedures we tend to do where I work.

I thought people would like to read it.

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