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what to do what to do...

So I have officially graduated from college! Only took me forever but it finally happened Now I am in quite a predicament with my dog. She currently lives with my boyfriend (who has a house and I an apartment) 5 minutes away. I still see her everyday. I do not have a "big girl" job yet and am considering moving home with my parents for a while. They have tons of land and Barli does wonderful off leash in the yard playing fetch. She will play fetch allllll day if I allow it. The only problem is my little dog that lives with them HATES my sweet girl. She loves little dogs. I want her to move with me but don't know if its fair to her. Currently she has another big dog to live with that is my boyfriend's roommates. I don't want to separate them either. I just want to do what's right by her. My boyfriend may be moving to the area also and maybe it would be best for her to continue to live with him even without the other dog? So I am completely confused as to how to make her happiest
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