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Pup probs

There are two things I am concerned about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

First is that, my 8 week old puppy is eating rocks. Whenever he is outside and walking around, if sees one on the ground he will immediately start chewing on it/breaking them up in his mouth. Sometimes he swallow them, sometimes he spits them out. I have not noticed any rocks in his poop, but when I see him doing at it I tell him "Leave it" and if I can tell it is a big rock I will pry his mouth open and pull them out. Today I caught him with a bigger sized rock than usual in his mouth, and when I went to pry it out of his mouth he actually SWALLOWED IT WHOLE. It wasn't a big rock, but it definitely was bigger than a pebble. In my head I knew that was not going to be good for him, so I googled this and found out that it can cause serious problems with his intestines. He seems to be acting fine but I am freaking out!! Will he be ok? What do I do? I have a vet appointment for next week and I will DEFINITELY bring this up to her, but until then I will watch him like a hawk to avoid any more rock eating. He is never alone outside, but he is so quick to eat them he gets past me sometimes. What do I do?

The second issue is accidentally hurting him. There have been a few times where he is right under my feet and I accidentally step on a paw, or I don't see him behind me and whack him with elbow when I'm doing something. Earlier today he snuck up behind me when I was plugging in an air freshener and started biting me, it surprised me and I jumped and accidentally whacked him in the nose. He cried and started sneezing and I felt so terrible. I pet him and told him I was sorry, but I know he doesn't get it . I know these kind of things will happen sometimes, but how do I handle it? Whenever I do it I worry it will scar him.

I feel like a terrible mom who doesn't know how to do anything right! lol
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