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Default 11.5 week puppy biting me

Hi Everyone,

It's my first time writing, i have read many of the puppy forums and they have been good to read!

I have a wonderful 11.5 week male puppy, purebred german line german shepherd. I have met his mother, father and even grandfather and they all have amazing temperaments, very well behaved. The breeder is top and i know her dogs always become loyal calm gsds.

Obviously he is still a puppy and biting/nipping/chewing are to be expected. He is a good boy most of the time, except after food time when he has high energy levels. I make sure i keep him occupied and use up his energy with the family.

My issue is that although he nips/bites my dad/brother/mum, once they say no and tug him by the neck, he is fine and hardly bites them. However, when it comes to me , boy is he persistent. I yell NO! and tug him and distract with a toy, but with me he starts to bark and pounce around, i thought it may be aggressive but his tail wags like he is a happy boy. But i really don't think he is being aggressive.

I wish he'd stop and listen. He doesn't bite as frequently, but when he does it hurts!

I dont know why he does it to me, as i am the one he is with most of the time. He is usually very placid, obedient and happy and follows me around everywhere. He loves my family, but i am the one he clings to most "the chosen one". Which is why i don't understand his biting behaviour towards me.

As i said he doesn't do it 24/7, he's very calm and gentle. It's just after meal time and when he's full of energy. I love him and i would like this to stop, so it doesn't continue when he is older.

Any advice would be wonderful!
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