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Originally Posted by misslesleedavis1 View Post
I have not been keeping up with the threads you post, what are you doing with your boy?
So far we've just been working with Sean. We graduated a puppy socialization class last week which was cool. They did a little bit of obedience but it wasn't sport or anything so we never really tried to get anything from it except the socialization. But we started IPO obedience. I didn't realize and probably would never have realized how detailed it was until I started training with Sean. Meiko is learning quickly too, just basic stuff such as sit, down, stand, heal, front engagement lol just pretty much all the basics. Going from the sit position to the stand was probably the hardest thing. But we have it now. Of course none of this is perfect but it's definitely getting better. We won't start any bit work until his adult teeth come in. But I can definitely say im satisfied with the training so far.
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