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Working dog Lifestyle

So I've been training with Sean Rivera for about a month now. Great trainer. Today I showed up for training about 45 mins early and took my dog walking and playing ball. He saw me playing with him and told me that I need to keep him caged up until it was time to train. So that way he can exert all his physical and mental energy into training. Even when I'm home, if I plan on doing a session with him I need to have him caged up a few hours prior to the session. It all makes since and that's what I'm going to start doing from now on but I would like to know what do you allow your working dog to do. Can he or she roam the house, do you let it sleep with you or lay on the couch, what is a typical day like for your working dog. Keep in my, my pup is only 4 months old.
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