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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post
Sable is a color. It has nothing to do with the size of the dog. The only things that determine size are the size of the dogs behind a dog. So if a pups parents are both over 100lb, then your likelihood of getting a big dog is better than if they were both 75 lbs. color is irrelevant to their size.

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i would say if you never saw the parents and you just had to make a guess. a sable is more likely to have an immediate or at least recent lineage to working line than a common show line black and tan and might be slightly smaller than the oversized beast of the black and tan i usually see.

"Working dogs also tend to be smaller on average than what many members of the public consider to be 'normal' for German Shepherd Dog, which in fact means that they are closer to the breed standard. Many North American pet GSDs are in fact oversized, as are many dogs from both the American and German show lines." (Types of German Shepherds, by Wildhaus Kennels )
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