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Opinions on aging dog dental care?

My older dog just turned 9 she's non GSD. Over the years I've tried different things brushing her teeth, dental treats so forth. It's not that any of them didn't seem to work at all, I'm just curious of the opinions out there of what people seem to prefer, or what they feel works best for their dogs. Her age is starting to show in those chompers. So I want to step up dental care up a bit or at least tend to her teeth more frequently.

I had a 19yr old dog whose teeth got so bad he was on soft food by the end of his life. I was only 20 when my family put him down so I didn't have much hand in the care of him during his life span. I've been the soul caretaker of this girl. So I'd like to avoid those same circumstances my 19yr old dog went through the last few years of life.
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