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Question for breeders about hand-washing

Ok, I have two litters, one with 2 six week old pups, and one with 7 four week old pups. On Monday, I mowed the lawn and got sun-poisoning again -- you would think I would learn. Well, anyway, my hands are a mess.

And, I am washing them so much that they are cracked and bleeding all over. I wash them after I pick up puppies for whatever reason, and I wash them between dealing with the different litters, like, after I clean the one box, I will wash my hands and then go in and clean the other box, and then wash my hands. I feed them 4 times a day, and wash my hands before and in-between feeding each litter, and then when I am done.

And I will play with them when they are not eating, and then wash my hands.

Does anyone have any tips on what to do to promote healing for my hands. This is one thing where gloves are out of the question. But somethering my hands it lotions seems like a bad Idea as well.

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