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Sick puppy

12 Week old Dutch/German cross.


I have had Lycaon for 3 weeks. On the way home from picking him up he threw up twice. I put this down to stress. The next morning he did it in his kennel again.
I started feeding him Freshpet rolled food. After the second day he cut his intake to less than 3/4 lbs a day, so after about a 4-5 days I switched him over to a home cooked diet composed of chicken meat (gizzards, heart, boneless breast & thigh) with blended eggs and blended vegetables (spinach, peas, carrots, broccoli) and a dollop of probiotic yoghurt. He tolerated this very well and was up to close to two lbs a day. He passed his second (my first with him) vet check, and the Doc said his weight looked very good. I started to add in some liver (chicken and beef) and fish. This caused very loose stools but after a couple of days this improved. I had precooked enough food for a couple weeks and he was putting on weight (still had a distinct waist from above, was 24.5 lbs when I weighed him Friday) well and doing normal puppy stuff. Every once in a while (perhaps three times that I observed) he would do that puppy puking noise and would bring up a little clear liquid.
This weekend I made up a new batch of food for him. There were two differences this time. I added pork and as this time I had access to a pressure cooker so I used bone in chicken meat that I pressure cooked for 2 hours. I had read that this would cause the bones to be extremely soft, but I figured I would be able to pull them out. When I attempted to the bones were softer than canned salmon bones... trying to pull them out with a spoon made them fall apart like dried mud or chalk.
Yesterday he ate a little under three lbs, if you include the weight of the broth.

This morning he had liquid stool. He behaved normally on his morning walk and ate about a lb for a late breakfast. On returning home I noticed that there was a jug of motor oil that had been knocked over and Lycaon walked through the puddle before I could get it cleaned up. I then took him and the kids out to a local park (not a dog park because not all his shots are complete, though as with most places this time of year there were one or two dogs present). He again was his normal self, running around jumped in the lake (fairly nasty water in there), and played with the kids. Got home and offered him food. He ate a couple mouthfuls and quit. I thought that was odd, but not too big a deal. I had to take my son to his mothers so I put Lycaon in his crate and left hime for about 45 mins. I got home and let him out, hung out with him for about another 30 then let him outside. Very liquid stool again and then he immediately threw up what looked to be about 3/4 lb of food... most of what he had eaten all day. Now he is not eating or drinking at all, and his energy is somewhat though not overly subdued... he still comes when called, my roommate has friends over and e went and greeted them and he is still following commands, just far more like an adult dog would than a puppy.

I plan on taking him to the vet tomorrow if there is no improvement but am I missing something really obvious?
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