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off-lead dogs causing my dog to fear dogs

Every time we take our 7 1/2 month old gsd for a walk, an off-lead dog charges her. No one obeys the leash law here in the city. So, since there are way too many off lead dogs in our neighborhood, and our dog is starting to get aggressive, all the trainers suggest to walk her at off-peek times. We have been walking her at dusk and dawn and there is no soul out. Nice, peaceful. quiet walks now. She does great. Heels to a T. Last night, my husband noticed a 200 pound Rottweiler off lead. I walked ahead and politely asked him to grab/leash his dog. I explained to him how my dog is dog-reactive because of the off lead dogs charging her. He grabs his dogs collar and then decides to let it go and said, "Oh, my dog is good. He wont do anything." Next thing you know, the rot ran up to my dog and circled her for a while. My dog froze like she wanted to strike. We yelled at the man, "get your dog off my dog right now!". He kept calling it and it continued to circle my dog. He clapped his hands and yelled at it to come and finally it listened, but almost got hit by a car. Thankfully, no-one got hurt, but what if my dog would have bit this dog from fear and made it bite back resulting in a dog fight?
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