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Exclamation Redirected agression towards the handler

We got our GSD when she was 10 weeks old. She was a land shark forever, but after a few months when our one neighbor who we have always had problems with found out we got her, she has been showing redirected aggression towards us at certain times when we take her out (only when they are home). She is a great dog and listens to our commands the majority of the time. Last night my husband confronted them about their kids playing in our yard (they vandalize our property and my husband is tired of it). Ever since, the redirected aggression incidents have gotten worse. At these times, she freezes and completely focuses on their house (never ever any other house). There can be kids playing everywhere, and nothing or no-one outside this particular neighbors house and she focuses at this house. Then she will turn around and bite us, and hard. No redirecting her what-so-ever. We end up having to drag her in on our arm and it doesn't stop until we drag her into the crate. We don't hurt her. There must be something she hears in their house and its bothering her. One night our other neighbors were fighting inside their house. Our dog was inside our house, in her crate. We were outside and did not hear it, but our dog must have because she was barking for an hour. She is always quiet when she is alone in the house. Then the police car pulled in the neighbors driveway and that's when we found out why she was barking. She heard it all. So, we truly believe she hears something in our bad neighbors house. I don't know if its intentional, but could be because they hate that we got her and all the sudden throw gum in our yard hoping she will eat it and die. I don't know how to stop her reaction because this is happening in our home. I cant stop what the neighbor is doing in their house and I cant remove her from the problem. This does not happen off the property. How do we help her deal with this?
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