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So my 5 month old GSD has suffered from reoccurring UTI's for the past 3 months. Our vet finally managed to clear up her UTI after 3 weeks of antibiotics which I'm grateful for but a few days after finishing her medication I started to notice symptoms again. I took a urine sample to my vet and they said the UTI is gone but now she has a whole other bacteria in her urine and they're not sure what type of infection it is.

I've tried reaching out to my breeder but they won't get back to me. We've spent 500 in medical costs to resolve this issue. My vet now wants to do another sterile urine sample and an xray of her bladder. They're unsure if there is something physically wrong with her on the inside. And we're reaching our limit with paying for the medical costs( I know that sounds horrible) giving her back isn't an option she's become a member of our family. She stopped showing symptoms of a urinary issue.

Has anyone out there had any issues like this with their females?? I'm just trying to wrap my mind around this bc how does she go from one infection to a completely different one??

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