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Originally Posted by devinh View Post
Thanks for the feed back guys. I guess I really liked the fact she came to me off leash no matter what. But I will keep her on the leash from now on. I know it's work and I play with her ALL the time. I am reading everything I can and practicing everything I can. That's why I am on this forum. You guys are awesome.
You are welcome. Your puppy was following you no matter what because she was new and unsure of herself. Take this new independence as a good thing, because that means that now she has confidence and feels comfortable enough to go exploring. You want a dog that is bonded to you, but not a clingy dog who doesn't have any self-assurance.

There really are no shortcuts with GSD puppies. You either put in the work, or you don't have a very obedient dog. There always comes a point, or several points, when your dog will test the limits, and you have to be there to provide the leadership and be the benevolent dictator.

Otherwise, these dogs will blow you off and will take charge and will not be very fun to live with.
Mine is well over two, and he still sometimes tests me to see what he can get away with. Which makes it all the sweeter for me it when he does behave and does do what I have worked so hard to teach him to do.
Hang in there, it's worth it.
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