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She has no business being off leash at this age, and doing what she wants. It is the time to bond with you, and you have to show the dog that you are the source of all things fun, not the fun interrupter.

Everything she likes and wants has to come from you.
You need to keep her leashed or on a long line, and when you want her to come, you tug a bit on the leash and she comes to you no matter what. You cannot teach her that she can blow you off by leaving her unleashed and to her own devices.

As for being the Buzzsaw, yeah, it starts around that age and doesn't get better until after about five months, provided you have tried and tried to train and redirect and taught her that teeth should not be on your skin.

Puppies are a lot of work, German Shepherd ones are a ton of work. At this age, there's a lot of investment on your part, but you'll reap the rewards later if you persevere. Getting frustrated at this point does no good for either you or your dog.
Instead of taking her on the boring long walk as punishment, play with your puppy. Get a little tug, have her grab it and play with you. Get a squeaky toy, get her interested, get a ball and toss it. Get treats and teach her how to sit and how to look at you and focus. Talk to her in a confident and encouraging voice. Make her feel that she can rely on and trust you.
Research the training threads on this forum, and learn how to engage your puppy and convince her that you are the coolest thing on the planet.

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