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Originally Posted by kr16 View Post
From the picture the dog does not like very skinny or even skinny at all. 110 pounds is way off the charts on the high side but the dog does not look fat either. They are lanky and skinny looking until around 2 1/1 years old. Blue Buffalo is getting famous for diarrhea issues. When you switch do it gradually to avoid more runs. Make sure the dog is getting fluids. Diarrhea dehydrates the dog which can be real dangerous. Good luck great looking dog.
His ribs are very very pronounced when you pet him.. But he's the biggest GSD I've ever interacted with. The boys have plenty of water and they stay hydrated (especially at this altitude it's a challenge to stay hydrated). He's a heavy guy, but super agile and athletic. His legs are so thick with bone and muscle, and his head is enormous even compared to other GSD's. Based on how he runs, stands, and sits, and his demeanor he seems like he comes from a European working line.. But his papers are AKC.

He just turned 2 a couple months ago, so I guess he'll start filling in soon.

Thanks partner!

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